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What a Creep

Aug 30, 2019

What a Creep

James Woods

Season 2, Episode 6 

James Woods has a long career, spanning five decades. From VIDEODROME and CASINO to THE VIRGIN SUICiDES and the voice of Hades in Disney’s HERCULES, James Woods was an actor who made interesting choices and rarely did what anyone expected. So, while it’s true that James...

Aug 23, 2019

What A Creep

Ted Nugent

Season 2, Episode 5

Ted Nugent (aka “the Motor City Madman”) prides himself on being a crazy, fun-loving rock star who loves Guns and America almost as much as he loves sex with underage girls. He has a habit of telling tales of debauchery which he later denies. 

We have tons of evidence...

Aug 16, 2019


What A Creep

Betsy DeVos

Season 2, Episode 4

Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education, and she’s ignorant, privileged creep who only cares about the education of rich, white, Christian, heterosexual, non-disabled and neurotypical kids. Do you know how shitty of a person you have to be to be considered one of the...

Aug 11, 2019

What A Creep

Jeffrey Epstein 


Jeffrey Epstein was a successful financier and a hideous sex pest who targeted young girls for decades with his need for “massages.” He also (allegedly) took them across state lines and around the world for his friends so he is one of the biggest Creeps of all time. He was found...

Aug 2, 2019

What A Creep

Charlie Sheen

Season 2, Episode 2

Charlie Sheen is a mean, violent man who was able to work for years in Hollywood because he starred in a few good movies and some mediocre sitcoms. Sonia shares why Charlie Sheen should be canceled.

Then Margo talks about someone in Charlie’s past who is NOT a Creep and...