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What a Creep

Nov 10, 2020

What A Creep: Betsy DeVos (Replay)

Season 8, Episode 6


We are replaying our Betsy DeVos episode because President-Elect Joe Biden will bring us a new Education Secretary (thank god!) Have a listen as to why DeVos is such trash and why we can’t wait to meet her replacement. 

Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education, and she’s an ignorant, privileged creep who only cares about the education of rich, white, Christian, heterosexual, non-disabled, and neurotypical kids. Do you know how shitty of a person you have to be to be considered one of the worst people Predator Trump appointed to his cabinet? Pretty fuckin’ shitty. Let’s start at the beginning …

In this episode Sonia is talking about Secretary of Education Betsy Devos with a little help from her friends at:

Mother Jones


The New York Times

The Washington Post


CBS News


The Atlantic

Education Post

Education Votes, which is a part of the National Education Association

Audio Clip from the The Late Show Stephen Colbert


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