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What a Creep

Nov 16, 2019

What A Creep

Bonus Ep (Patreon Freebie!)



Margo & Sonia give updates on a few of the Creeps covered in season in the past plus a new Creep--Harry Knowles of "Ain't It Cool News" who gave a very classy review of the show "Heroes" in 2006 (meaning he was a Creepy douche about Hayden Panettiere and the character she played when she was 17.) 

Creepy updates mentioned here:

  • Rosanne Barr
  • Louis CK
  • Yuk Yuks in Toronto owner Mark Breslin
  • Prince Andrew
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Harry Knowles review of Heroes
  • CBS "Survivor" controversy
  • Joao on "Below Deck"
  • Favorite Creepy songs

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