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What a Creep

Jan 3, 2020

What a Creep

Season 4, Episode 1

Rock & Roll Creeps

Hello everyone!

Margo & Sonia are in the mood to rock & roll all night and party every day with this rock-themed episode of musicians behaving very badly. This episode is a little different because instead of focusing on one person--we are taking turns with different bands who have very problematic bandmates. We also get into who is into really young girls before we talk about our NON-Creep.  

Some of the bands and people we discuss in this show: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Motley Crue, Elvis Presley, Steven Tyler,  and Guns & Roses. Get your Bic lighters ready and we will rock and roll this place!

Some of our sources (in addition to the amazing Wikipedia)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Disaster Serum

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 Motley Crue

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Guns N’ Roses

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Mick Wall’s Last of the Giants: The True Story of Guns N’ Roses


Quick Hits

Consequence of Sound



The Mirror

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