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What a Creep

Feb 19, 2021

What a Creep: Marilyn Manson

“Rock Creep”

Season 9, Episode 10

For over 25 years rocker Marilyn Manson has enjoyed a reputation as being one of the darkest theatrical performers in the rock space. He has sold millions of records, has multiple Grammy Award nominations, been the subject of massive protests around the world all while enjoying an acting career and a reputation for dating beautiful women.

He also turns out to be a massive creep who has preyed on women for decades and is only now facing the consequences of truly horrible behavior. This is one of those “hiding in plain sight” types of stories. He was not playing a disgusting human—he really is one and hopefully, his reign of taking advantage of people is over.

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Trigger warnings: Coercive control, domestic abuse, self-harm, and sexual assault. 

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