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What a Creep

Oct 23, 2021

What a Creep: Mark Weinberger

Season 13, Episode 2

“The Sinus Doctor” & Creep

(Vanity Fair 2011)

Dr. Mark Weinberger was at one time THE Ear, Nose, & Throat surgeon in Indiana, a place where factory smoke billows through the air constantly causing sinus issues for many of the residents. Most of them with union jobs and therefore, have health insurance. In 2004, he disappeared in Europe while on vacation with his wife for her 30th birthday. What she didn’t know was the man she married committed medical malpractice for several years and had hundreds of lawsuits waiting for him back home.

He took off for several years leaving destruction in his wake. But, the persistence of the law, the attorneys of the victims, and his now ex-wife bring him back to America to face multiple charges. So, did this Creep get his comeuppance? Let’s find out.


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