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What a Creep

Mar 25, 2020

What a Creep

Season 5, Episode 3

(Bonus Patreon Ep for All!)

The March Madness of Creeps!

Margo & Sonia are social distancing while digging up Creeps and we realized that we had so much recent news to discuss, that we should create a bonus ep for everyone to enjoy. It also gives you an idea of our Patreon bonus eps. (In case you are interested in subscribing to our Patreon page!)

We searched the news for Creeps and Non-Creeps for your listening pleasure. You’re welcome! 

Discussed in this episode:


  • The latest Creeps and Non-Creeps with the Coronavirus
  • How the press conferences are being held locally versus nationally
  • Business Creeps & Non-Creeps 
  • Music Creep & Non-Creeps
  • Twitter Creep & Non-Creep (are you sensing a pattern here?)
  • Plus, how are various public officials are handling the pandemic


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